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Basic Package
Affordable and certainly reliable, the basic package is designed to get you up and running within the search engines.
Full Package
GUARANTEED results providing you the highest return on investment (ROI).
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Perhpas you'd like to maintain your own web site and Search Engine
Optimization strategy, but need just a little push in the right direction.

EnginePlacement's Specialist Review program is right up your alley.
Designed to help business owners who have a direct hands on
approach to managing their Internet presence, the EngienPlacement
Specialist Review Program allows you to interact and discuss
matters relative to your specific needs at an hourly rate ($75.00 / hour). Appointments are typically made a week or so in advance with some
research time required to bring the specialist up to speed on your specific needs.

the advantages of working with a Specialist allow you the flexability to manage your own site
with the professional guidance typically found from sites developed by professional agencies.

More Affordable
With the pay-as-you-go idea, you can be certain that you'll stay within your SEO budget.
Manage Yourself
Since your personally assigned specialist acts primarily as your SEO coach, you have the choice and freedom to act as you please while being guided throughout the entire process.
Above And Beyond
Many times your SEO will provide you with a breakdown of suggestions, detailing specific steps that will help to increase your Search Engine Placement.
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