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Basic Package
Affordable and certainly reliable, the basic package is designed to get you up and running within the search engines.
Full Package
GUARANTEED results providing you the highest return on investment (ROI).
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EnginePlacement began in 1999 as an indivdual company dedicatd to
helping businesses increase their return on investment from Search
Engine Optimization. In late 2005, the company expanded that same
philiosophy and became Morgan Source Web Designs and Site
Architectures. With the expansion, EnginePlacement was
re-introducedas a product that continues to help businesses with their
Search Engine Optimization needs.

Results have been unparallel. Often times, the team at Morgan Source have been so dedicated
to their customers that they only permit one company within a specific industry or area to utilize
their EnginePlacement system. With this, the company can ensure that they will not experience
any conflicts of interest between clients.

In addition, the EnginePlacement system employs only the most qualified SEO specialists and
adheres to a strict code of ethics when developing search engine strategies. The SEO specialists
have been nationally published and have been called to testify as expert witnesses in cases
specifically relevant to search engine optimization and search engine spidering.

All in all, Morgan Source has proven its dedication to their customers with EnginePlacement.

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